View MSQ files online. Upload your Tuner Studio .msq files to view and share them.

How to use this site:

To add your MSQ file to share and view online:

Click on the upload button:
Click the "Browse" button (or area) and select the MSQ file you want to upload. Note that you can upload more than one at a time, using the same engine information for each:
Now enter in the engine information for the MSQ file(s):
Click upload, and you should see links to your MSQ file(s) if successful. You can copy (right-click and select "Copy Link Location" or something like that), or click on it to view the file.
Now you can browse the various sections of your MSQ file:
Since I don't have the configuration files for every single Megasquirt version, you might see an error like this:
If so, please email me (nearwood@gmail.com) with your "INI" file (msqur tries to give you a hint as to the version it needs).


Interested in contributing? Check out msqur's repository. Msqur's source is licensed under the GPL.